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We Can Create a Puzzle in Any Appropriate Shape!

We've created plenty of custom shapes. Click here to view others!

Guess where one 
adventurous couple 
honeymooned after 
using this "icebreaker" 
at their reception?

 From a 
grateful graduate 
and her parents to 
her alma mater.

 For a soloist 
turning sixty.
 In memory of  
a captain 
and his yacht.
 This 60-year-old's 
nickname is "Whale"... 
 Twin firefighters celebrate a big day!

 From one 
to another.

From one 
Lab lover 
to another on their 
2nd wedding anniversary.
 For an Indy 500 fan's 
50th birthday.
   His Connecticut peers drive BMW's. He prefers his old red pickup!

For a tea-totaling 
Mom on her 70th birthday.

For the 
 Xploratorium, an annual offsite event...
 Commissioned by a Hollywood firm to celebrate their release 
of the latest film in this popular series.

This football helmet honored a N.Y. Giants 
fan on his milestone birthday.

Highlighting the best of the Onion River Co-op atop its logo.
This puzzle honored a teddy-bear collector 
on her 25th wedding anniversary.
 Guests at his surprise 
50th birthday party 
worked to solve this  
sailboat-lover's puzzle 
while awaiting 
his arrival.
Rabbi Judy 
commissioned this 
Star of David
to honor her mother.

 This Minnesota firm 
required hard hat 
puzzles constructed
 in both English and Spanish.
 From one 
wine connoisseur 
to another...

 Life-long farmers appreciated this 
barn-puzzle commissioned by 
their granddaughter 
in honor of their 

Click here to see an Octogenarian solving her cake-shaped puzzle!