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Praise for Personal Puzzles

Our satisfied business clients include:

GOYA Foods, MGM/Home Entertainment, Frito-Lay, Universal Studios,
Benjamin Moore, Lucent Technologies, Netscape, DreamWorks Records,
Mortenson, Sigma Chi International, and Bostwick-Braun.

Click for 8/9/05 Burlington Free Press article and photo.

E. Emery,
Marketing Manager
"Your crossword puzzle really adds so much (to our customer newsletter); in our industry none of our competitors ever do anything like this!
L. B. Rix,
"Thanks very much for all your work on this.  It is going to be a lot of fun for our clients.  We thought you’d like to see the finished product as well (click).  We’re happy campers."
A. Hodgdon,
Superior Court
"Congratulations. The new crossword puzzle is excellent ! I recently returned from the annual convention of the association for which (the magazine) is published. They love the crossword puzzle. Keep up the excellent work."

From individuals weve served:

M. Kellogg,
"The CrossWed puzzles were so unique everyone thought so!"

P. Peters,

"My wife never saw it coming and was all like "OH MY GOD" thrilled. Not often do you get told "It's the best gift I ever got." Everyone who sees it is flabbergasted."
J. Christmann,
"Thank you, Irene, it looks great! (I'm gonna look so good giving this to him!!)"
R. Vincent,
New York
"The puzzle is perfect. ... You are really something. ...What a great business you have."
S. Cilo,
"It just brought a smile to my face, made me laugh. It’s great! I’ll think of you in the future, and I’ll recommend you."
A. Wahlestedt,
New York
"You’re absolutely the best wedding vendor I’ve dealt with! What a pleasure. ... You’re a genius! No matter how many challenges I throw at you, you keep coming back with a cyber smile ! Thanks for being so patient with a complete novice. I’ve never known anyone who does this. What a treat. ...The puzzle looks absolutely fabulous. You fit in way more clues than I ever imagined possible. And the shape is just divine! So romantic. This will make our wedding guests feel so connected to the event!"

C. Baker,

"I want to thank you for all of your work. What a hit. The DJ even got in the act with the CrossWed Puzzle."
A. Faiola,
"We got the CrossWeds today and they are magnificent! Thank you very much! ... This is definitely a very original idea. You have our compliments and recommendations."
E. Nash,
"My father loved the gift! Feel free to list me under 'accolades.' Thanks, again!"
M. Cruzzavala, Texas "My mother will be very surprised to get this birthday present. It’s so hard to get her something because at her age, she either has everything or just doesn't want anything. Thank you so much."
D. & S. Barclay, Florida "Everyone loved the puzzles they really gave our wedding reception a unique touch."
L. Krsulich,
New York
"Got the puzzle today.  It is the greatest gift ever... Thanks so much for all your help in making this special."

M. & A. Pearson,
No. Carolina

"This is so cool!
We love it . ... Awesome!!! This was so much fun!

G. Fox,
New Jersey

"We can’t thank you enough for helping us create this in such a short time. Everyone at our wedding loved it and had never seen anything like it before."

A. Liebowitz,

It looks fantastic to me.  I love it, and I am sure she will too.  The clues are great... thank you very, very much!

B. Higgins,
New York

Thanks so much for your work! It’s so cool the way you have formed this from what I have provided you. ... Really clever!!

Featured in Asleep at the Wheel's "Ride with Bob" CD insert
1999 Grammy Award Winner for Best Recording Package.
We created their crossword puzzle.

Recommended by Robin Kring in Storybook Weddings:
A Guide to Fun and Romantic Theme Weddings (March 1999).

Featured for four years running in "Specialty Shopping" column of 
New Jersey Bride
, published by Tomlinson Enterprises, Inc. 
and New Jersey Monthly, Inc.
Featured for four years running in "Unique Finds" column of
Philadelphia Bride, published by Delaware Valley Bride, Inc.