Family Reunion Puzzles

Feel free to submit clues and answers about individuals using Clue Sheets.
Also, please supply words which apply to your entire family.
These could pertain to family traditions, household rules, lifestyles, you name it.

For example:
- favorite summer cottage
- train station dad commutes from
- first puppy (name, breed)
- church or temple
- grandma's nickname
- song mom sings when she dusts
- piano manufacturer
- bridge/tunnel we take to grandpa's house
- farm where we buy Christmas tree
- traditional Christmas dessert
- anything else you can think of !
Feel free to attach additional sheets of paper. You may e-mail or fax (unlisted fax number, please ask us for it) information to us instead.

Please send above type of info with 50% deposit (and any other Clue Sheets) to: Personal Puzzles, PO Box 8511, Essex, Vermont 05451

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