CrossWed Clue Sheet

First, middle, last name: Nickname:
Birthplace (city, state, country):  
Last place of residence (city, state, country):  
Names of latest roommates:  
Your "new" home as a couple (city, state, country):  
Current occupation / employer:  
First job / employer: Most rewarding job:
Favorite types of music: Fav. musicians / musical groups:
Musical instruments you play: Other talents:
Favorite spectator sports: Favorite athlete / team:
Favorite participatory sports:  
Fluent in which languages:  
Favorite foods: Favorite beverages:
Fav. ice cream brand / flavor: Fav. pizza topping:
Birth month: Sign of the zodiac:
Religion of origin: Religion you now practice:
Nationality / heritage: Eye color:
Favorite radio station / broadcaster: Favorite movie:
Favorite TV channel / network: Fav. TV shows / hosts / celebrities:
Favorite artist: Favorite author:
Favorite magazines: Favorite catalog:
Favorite books: Favorite politician:
First published work appeared in: Fav. cartoon character / comic strip:
Noteworthy achievements: Unusual characteristics:
Indulgences: Bad habits:
Favorite color: Favorite cologne / perfume:
Pet's name(s) and description(s):  
Car you drive (make / model): Dream car (make / model):
High school: College:
Fraternity / sorority: Major / favorite subject:
Mother's name (first, maiden, last): Mother's occupation:
Father's name (first, middle, last) Father's occupation:
Mother's / Father's reaction to engagement ("____!"):  
Sisters' names: Brothers' names:
Favorite vacation spot:  
Honeymoon location:  
First names (and titles) of wedding day attendants:  
Location of wedding ceremony:  
Mode of transportation:  
What attracted you to your betrothed?  
Where did you go on your first date?  
How long did you know each other before engagement?  
Who proposed, where, how?  
Please add any clues you'd like us to use:
...and cross out any of the clues above that you'd prefer we not use.
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Puzzle Title: _______________________________________


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