Custom Crossword Clue Sheet

First, middle, last name: Nickname:
Birthplace (city, state, country):  
Places you've resided (city, state, country):  
Spouse's name: Childrens' names:
Parents' names and occupations:  
Sisters' names: Brothers' names:
Current occupation / employer:  
First job / employer:  
Most rewarding job:  
High school: Favorite subject:
College: Major:
Fraternity / sorority:  
Church / temple:  
Other community organizations:  
Favorite types of music: Favorite melody:
Favorite musicians / musical groups:  
Musical instruments you play:  
Other talents:  
Favorite spectator sports:  
Favorite athlete: Favorite team:
Favorite participatory sports:  
Fluent in which languages:  
Favorite foods: Favorite beverages:
Fav. ice cream brand / flavor: Fav. pizza brand / topping:
Nationality / heritage:  
Religion of origin: Religion you now practice:
Birth month: Sign of the zodiac:
Favorite radio station / broadcaster:  
Favorite TV channel / network: Favorite movie:
Fav. TV shows / hosts / celebrities: Favorite actor / actress:
Favorite artist: Favorite author:
Favorite magazines: Favorite politician:
Favorite books: Favorite catalogs:
First published work appeared in: Fav. cartoon character / comic strip:
Noteworthy achievements:  
Unusual characteristics:  
Indulgences: Pet peeve:
Words of wisdom:  
Favorite investment: Favorite color:
Fav. computer hardware / software: Favorite cologne / perfume:
Pet's name(s) and description(s):  
Car you drive (make / model): Dream car (make / model):
Favorite vacation spots:  
Fav. holiday celebration(s) / tradition(s):  
Wedding date: Where you were married:
What attracted you to your spouse?  
Where did you go on your first date? Honeymoon location:
Please add any clues you'd like us to use:
...and cross out any of the clues above that you'd prefer we not use.
Puzzle shape: Diamond • Heart • Square • Other ____________

Puzzle Title: _______________________________________

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