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Custom Puzzles for Business

007 Puzzle Created for MGM Home Entertainment, Sept. '99

  • Office, Holiday, and Retirement Parties
  • Business Proposals
  • Company Anniversary Celebrations
  • Employee Recognition
  • Off-site Retreats
  • Customer Newsletters / Magazines
  • Training / Workshops
  • Promotions / Advertising

We have created 37 puzzles for monthly Paper Age Magazine
26 puzzles for Bostwick-Braun's quarterly, The Anvil, and 
15 puzzles for The Gavel, magazine for lay judges. 
as well as technical puzzles for numerous other

Here are examples of various uses for your custom crossword:

Used in holiday party invitation. Clients solved the puzzle to learn
the theme of this special event.
Created for a department’s off-site retreat. Company facts, all 27 staffers’ names, and computer terms included.
Following on-site ISO training, employees could playfully review terms they'd learned!
Celebrated this company's 30th anniversary. Clues re company founders, plastics manufacturing process and products, and historical trivia.   Puzzle for Marpac Anniversary Party
 Puzzle for Adelis.  
Review puzzle used in a leadership and motivation workshop. Designed around the firm’s name to personalize it and promote the organization.
Commissioned by a Hollywood firm and included in their new business proposal. 87 cartoon words in a moose-shaped puzzle.    Cartoon figure-shaped puzzle for Sunbow
    Commissioned by Vermont Public Radio to commemorate its 25th Anniversary. Our largest to date, boasting 93 clues!
Celebrating the Milestones of the Dean for America 2004 Grassroots Campaign