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How’d You Meet? ...Where’s the Honeymoon?
...Who Likes Pizza for Breakfast?

 Example early heart-shaped puzzle. (Yours will be denser!)

(Click image to zoom in. )

Give your guests an excuse to mingle with "the other side."

While traditional puzzles use Across/Down Clues, our CrossWedTM Puzzles feature Bride/Groom Clues.  Answers intersect in the puzzle as you’d expect.

Each CrossWed
TM Puzzle contains about 60 words about a particular couple and no "filler" words!

Your CrossWed will be printed on the parchment of your choice; a wide selection of exotic and recycled papers are available.

You may choose to offer a prize to the first guest to complete your puzzle. Have your emcee or deejay read the answers aloud before the cake-cutting, for example, or distribute solutions at the end of your party.