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How Do I Begin?

Need a puzzle for your company newsletter, magazine,
or other business purpose
Just phone
 802-879-0011 to discuss your project requirements.

Otherwise, read on!

Just a few minutes of your time is all it takes to get us started on your custom crossword gift or favor:

1) Obtain Clue Sheet(s).  
Select the appropriate Clue Sheet below and print it out:

All-Occasion - Adult
All-Occasion - Teen
Family Reunion
Baby Shower
Bride / Groom

Or, phone us toll free and we’ll mail or fax one to you.

2) Complete as much of the Clue Sheet as you wish. 
Feel free to add additional clues and answers. 

The more words you supply, the more we can include in the puzzle. (Each standard puzzle contains at least 50 words describing you, your loved one(s), or your business.)
3) Contact us by phone or email or click for a price quote.

4) Return Clue Sheet(s) with a 50% deposit to:

Irene Wrenner
Personal Puzzles
15 Thrush Ln
Essex, VT 05452

  ...please make check payable to Personal Puzzles

Any questions? 
Please phone us at 802-879-0011.