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About Personal Puzzles

Click here for Burlington Free Press article and photo.

Click here for 2/2/07 WCAX-TV feature.

This woman-owned business was founded in 1993 as NewsfavorsTM by Irene Wrenner. Her passion is celebrating the uniqueness of individuals and businesses through her puzzle creations.
We provide compelling,
completely personalized gifts and favors. ("Personalized" doesn't mean we sew or stamp your monogram on a mass-produced item!)

"No monogramed mugs!" graphic.
Each CrossWed
TM Puzzle, for example, contains about 60 words about a particular person or couple or theme and no "filler" words.

Many of our puzzles are created in unique shapes.

We've created crosswords for lots of occasions, including
 200 weddings and a funeral.

We treat our customers as valuable, interesting and unique individuals, and keep confidential any information they supply us.
 We stock a full line of
recycled papers.