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We Can Create a Puzzle in Any Appropriate Shape!

Below are a few more of the unique puzzles we've created.


 This hand saw-shaped birthday crossword was created for a do-it-yourselfer.
For a baseball-loving 
grandma on her birthday!

 This puzzle was given 
to lighthouse buffs by friends sharing their coastal vacation home. Their message of thanks 
shines from the beacon; 
the clues form its rocky foundation.
 Lighthouse-shaped puzzle.  
This cartoon-figure puzzle was commissioned by a Hollywood firm to be included in a business proposal. We researched 
 and then incorporated 87 cartoon words into our 
 Cartoon figure-shaped puzzle
 Cross-shaped puzzle.  
This CrossWord was 
the centerfold in a church’s anniversary program booklet. Clues included pastors’ names, hymn titles, bible trivia, liturgical terms, etc.
 Word search in the shape of the female symbol.  
This Working 
Women Word Search was created for NJAWBO’s Bergen Chapter Spring ’96 newsletter. 
Words-to-find relate to business ownership 
and women-at-work.
   Train-shaped puzzle.
 This puzzle was created for METCA’s Fall ’96 newsletter and matches their locomotive-shaped logo. Facts about this organization’s leaders and history are included, as is model train trivia.